How To Buy From Cedar Shingles Direct

Cedar Shingles Direct sells directly to you. We’ve removed the middleman to save you time and money. With our four simple steps you can be on your way to a more beautiful home. Everything from the quoting of your cedar shake siding cost to purchasing. Here’s how to buy cedar shingles and siding from Cedar Shingles Direct:

Step 1

Call Cedar Shingles Direct.

cedar shingles direct
Call Us at (800) 641-9663 Monday through Friday (8am to 5pm EST).

You will be put in direct contact with a personal sales consultant. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to walk you through every step of our buying and quoting process.

Step 2

Choose your cedar shingles or cedar siding.

solid cedar shingle colors
Your Cedar Shingles Direct sales consultant understands the importance of choosing the perfect cedar shingles or cedar siding and color for your home. Your sales consultant will be happy to send samples for your color approval.

Step 3

Place your order.

Generally it takes 2-4 weeks to custom pre-finish your cedar shingles or cedar siding, but please tell us about any special circumstances so we may work with you to accommodate your needs.

We accept personal check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Cedar Shingles Direct custom finishes every order. Therefore deposits are non-refundable and custom materials are not returnable. Buy cedar shingles today.

Step 4

Preparing for delivery.

Our goal is to deliver your pre-finished cedar products to you quickly, safely, and efficiently. While Cedar Shingles Direct custom finishes all our wood products, we contract most of our cedar shingles delivery deliveries with professional freight services. The delivery truck is usually a full size box semi truck, which typically means the product will have to be unloaded off the back of the truck by a fork lift or by hand if a fork lift is not available. Please be sure to have ample room for the truck to maneuver if the order is being delivered to a residence.

If this method of delivery will not accommodate your site please speak to your sales consultant about any alternatives that may be available.

Step 5

Sit back and relax.

Cedar Shingles Direct will do the work. We’ll contact you when your material is ready to ship.