Cedar Shingles Installation & Storage

Special PreStained Product Installation and Storage Instructions

    • Before you begin, consult your local building code for installation requirements.
    • If the product is not to your satisfaction DO NOT INSTALL IT, we cannot be responsible for defects once the product is installed.
    • Store materials flat and well supported under dry cover in a well ventilated area that is unheated.
    • Put a vapor barrier under materials and raise off ground – especially important when storing on concrete.
    • Store shingles on their pallet to keep them off the ground or cement.
    • Any slip sheeting must be replaced when restocking to avoid sticking and damage to the materials.
    • Always cover the uninstalled material after a day’s work.
    • Install materials as soon as possible.
    • Inspect materials and cut out any unacceptable defects prior to installation.
    • All raw wood resulting from cuts must be sealed prior to installation (apply to raw areas only) touch-up anywhere on the face of the product may result in spotting – we are not responsible for improper touch-up.
    • When applying finish to nail heads use a Q-Tip or an extremely small brush as we are not responsible for spotting due to improper nail head touch up.
    • Always use corrosion-resistant; hot-dipped galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel maze nails.
    • In addition, install materials according to the appropriate installation instructions below.