Tongue & Groove Cedar Siding

Tongue and groove cedar siding has many customization options to tailor to your preferences. The wide array of joints – how the boards actually lock together – produce a variety of shadow lines each with its own distinctive look. The most common profile is v-groove, but we also offer special order profiles for your project.

Tongue and groove can be installed either horizontally or vertically, and is available in two different grades. Knotty grades of tongue and groove cedar siding are popular due to their unique, casual look. It is also manufactured in clear grades, which produces a more formal look.

One advantage of using tongue and groove cedar siding is that is lays flat against the wall, which protects it better from the elements. When you prefinish the siding, you are further delaying the weatherization process. Not only are you avoiding the lost time and cost of onsite staining, you are minimizing maintenance costs in the future.

At Cedar Shingles Direct, we offer more than 100 different color stain options. Check out our gallery to get ideas of the different ways you can customize tongue and groove cedar siding.