Cedar Channel Rustic Siding

Channel cedar siding is a multi-functional siding designed to give you several installation options. The boards partially overlap one-another, resulting in a channel between each board. With channel siding, you have the option to install the boards horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Not only do the channels produce attractive shadow lines, they also allow the boards to respond well to tough and diverse weather conditions. In climates with high-moisture or humidity extremes between seasons, the boards are able to “breathe” and move accordingly.

The most common grade of channel cedar siding is rough sawn knotty. Knotty grade gives the boards character and results in a rustic look. Clear grades are also available.

When you choose to prefinish channel cedar siding, you do not have to worry about getting the stain into all of the channels, which can often be tedious and frustrating. Staining channel cedar siding on-site often leaves drips and uneven stain on the boards, which can be difficult to correct.

With Cedar Shingles Direct, you have more than 100 different color stain options and the boards arrive evenly coated on all surfaces and ready to install. The result is a beautiful, evenly stained home ready to withstand the elements. You are saving yourself money, but more importantly, you are saving yourself from the headaches of on-site staining.