Beveled Cedar Siding

Beveled cedar siding is the most commonly used siding due to its natural beauty. However, many people often choose less-desirable options because of the cost associated with staining and weather damage maintenance.

When you use prefinished lumber, you have the option to side your home with beautiful beveled cedar at half the cost. There are also none of the frustrations often found with on-site staining. Streaking, shrink lines, lap marks, overspray, weather delays, lost production time, and most importantly, lost money… these issues are eliminated with prefinished lumber.

Having your beveled cedar siding prefinished will give you the most efficient use of your dollar right from the start. Coating all surfaces also gives you maximum protection against the elements.

Beveled Cedar Siding is installed horizontally and produces an appealing shadow beneath each board. It is manufactured by resawing lumber at an angle, giving it a “wedge” shape. It is available in saw textured or smooth face depending on your preference.

At Cedar Shingles Direct, we have more than 100 different color stain options and two different grades of beveled siding – clear and knotty – to suit your tastes and the look you wish to achieve. Clear siding produces a more modern look, while knotty siding produces a rustic look. Check out our gallery to see which grade appeals to you.