cedar valley shingles

PreFinished Cedar Shingle Panels…

Saving you time and money!

That’s just one Advantage of our 8 Foot – PreFinished Cedar Valley Shingle Panel System.  The patented cedar siding panels go up faster and easier than individual Cedar Shingles.  Cedar Valley shingles start with 100% on-grade Western Red Cedar, interweaves a layer of fiberglass matte, both bonded to a full 11/32 inch CDX plywood backer to create the strongest, most unique, durable shingle panel system available.

Why are Cedar Shingles Direct PreFinished Shingle Panels the best?

  1. Our proprietary EDGE SEAL TECHNOLOGY for added protection from nature’s harshest elements
  2. Guaranteed  – 100% back prime coverage, not the industry’s standard low quality hit and miss back prime
  3. Guaranteed – No drips, most companies have drip problems
  4. Guaranteed  – The best looking finish in the business
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