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PreFinished Solid Color White Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles Direct recently invested over $3,000,000 in a new facility to PreStain Solid Color – Eastern White Cedar Shingles.  We have a company philosophy that we will not produce a product unless we can produce the best product in the world.

We’re proud to offer our PreFinished Solid Color Eastern White Cedar Shingles featuring our State-of-the-Art finish!

Why is our PreFinished Solid Color Cedar Shingle finish the best?

  1. We kiln dry every Eastern White Cedar Shingle so they absorb more stain.
  2. Our proprietary X-9 finishing processes apply the precise mill thickness of coatings for maximum finish performance.
  3. Our high quality factory ground color bases have longer color retention than inexpensive tinted coatings.
  4. Our factory finishing saves you 50% verses on site painting, and our finish looks better!
  5. We can custom match virtually any color.
  6. Back by two strong warranties:

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