How to Protect Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are a favorite material for roofs and walls because of their wide availability and ability to stay strong for many years. However, even cedar begins to break down after awhile, thanks to the loss of naturally occurring oils that protect the structure of the wood. Sunlight and moisture are the main culprits when […]

Benefits of Cedar Shingles Siding

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When many people think of cedar as a construction material, they think of that warm smell of cedar closets, but cedar is also a terrific siding material for your home’s exterior. Cedar is one of the most durable softwoods, offering excellent noise abatement, insulation, and longevity. The Benefits of Cedar Cedar is a low-density softwood, […]

Cedar Shingle vs. Shake & Class

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For over the last two months, I have sat next to our national sales representative for cedar shingle siding, and the knowledge I have gained from him has been priceless. Every day I learn something new and interesting – and since I am in a sharing mood, I thought I would share some of his […]