Prestained Red & White Cedar Shingles

New-age technology solves age-old problems

Staining Cedar Shingles on site can be a headache.  Problems abound;  weather delays, wet shingles, shrink lines, lap marks, staining mess to clean up, and shingles with peeling problems.

The most convenient shingle system available

Your PreStained Cedar Shingles arrive to your job site in easy to handle cartons to protect your investment. Just think how much you'll miss trying to salvage the dirty, wet shingles a supplier so conveniently dumped on your job site.

Semi-Transparent – Western Red Cedar Shingles

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Most Western Red Cedar Shingles are still stained by hand on-site.  This is a shame when on-site staining results in premature coating failure.  Lumber yards typically supply shingles that are not dried and stored properly for staining.  Staining these dirty, wet shingles on site costs more, and results in an inferior finish every time. 

Why is our Semi-Transparent finish the best?

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  1. Our proprietary dipping process assures each shingle absorbs the maximum amount of stain for maximum protection.
  2. We kiln dry every shingle so they absorb more stain.
  3. Painting contractors use less than 30 gallons to stain a home. Cedar Shingles Direct uses over 100 gallons to stain the same home.
  4. Backed by Sherwin Williams' 5 Year Limited Finish Warranty for added piece of mind.
  5. Our factory finishing costs less, and the finish looks better!

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Solid Color - White Cedar Shingles

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Cedar Shingles Direct recently invested over $3,000,000 in a new facility to PreStain Solid Color - Eastern White Cedar Shingles.  We have a company philosophy that we will not produce a product unless we can produce the best product in the world. 

We're proud to offer our Solid Color- Eastern White Cedar Shingles featuring our State-of-the-Art finish!

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Why is our Solid Color finish the best?

  1. Our proprietary X-9 Finish™ Technology is the most high tech shingle finishing system in the world. First, we encapsulate every shingle with a gray base coat. Then we apply an extremely durable top coat to the face, edges, and butt of every shingle before baking on the finish for the ultimate in protection.
  2. Our high quality factory ground automotive grade pigments have longer color retention then inexpensive tineded coatings.
  3. Most companies struggle to dry their coatings and resort to applying less finish, or worse yet, they thin their top coat finish. Our high tech 200 foot long ovens eliminate drying problems, allowing us to apply and properly bake on more finish.
  4. We will hand select the best face to top-coat on your shingles. This guarantees the installers will put up the best face every time. Don’t leave the final appearance to chance!
  5. Guaranteed – 100% of every shingle is coated.
  6. Guaranteed - No Drips.
  7. Guaranteed – A beautiful even finish on your shingles.
  8. Backed by two strong warranties
  9. Each White Cedar shingle is resquared and rebutted (R&R) enabling precise shingle spacing and even alignment of shingle butts.

We’ve invested 20 years of finishing passion and over $3,000,000 to be able to make these promises. We hope you enjoy what we feel are the best prefinished cedar shingles in the world.

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